06 October 2007

M.D.C. (USA) - Now more than ever - Anthology 1980-2000 , cd 2004

MDC are one of the longest lasting Hardcore bands in the world.I had the luck to manage a gig in Pula for them back in 1994,it was a total blast,the place was fully packed and the crowd was crazy,there were people jumping off the PA,even the band asked them to stop because they might get hurt..anyway,this is one of the compilations that shows the 20 years of the band`s carreer,and we`re talking of year 2000,they had another European tour this year that ended few months ago.So,there`ll be more MDC,but this one is for all those who missed MDC in the last 27 years..

01.Business on parade
02.Dead cops+America`s so straight
03.Corporate deathburger
04.John Wayne was a nazi
05.My family is a little weird
06.Multi death corporation
07.Chicken squawk
08.No more cops
09.Drink to forget
11.Millions of damn christians
12.Bye bye Ronnie
13.Henry Kissmyassinger
15.Dirty Harry for president
16.Deep in the heart
17.I was a dupe for the RCP
18.Millions of dead cops
19.Beat somebody up
20.I don`t wish
21.Money pile
22.Cock rocker
23.Shades of brown
24.Borrowed time
25.Long time gone
26.My dog has no girlfriend
27.More squawk
28.Submissives-I was an infant
29.Secret to a long life
30.Nazi`s shouldn`t drive

M.D.C. - NOW MORE THAN EVER - ANTHOLOGY 1980-2000 , cd 2004

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