03 October 2007

TALENTI (Cro) - Uljanik , Pula , 14.11.1996.

Another live recording by one of my bands formerly called Antitodor I Talenti,later shortened only to Talenti.This live performance was as support band to Battalions Of Saints AD.I don`t really have to say nothing special about it,just that it is a good soundboard recording and a fact that was pretty weird.We were told that we will not be able to play on BOS AD equipment,so we put our instruments in a line in front of their equipment (like NoMeansNo do,got it?),I (drums) was on the left of the guitarist,and had no monitoring at all.Anyway,a pretty good performance.
On the pic,my bro Chriss (bass) and me.

01.Anarhija u mome gradu
02.Sado mazo
03.Fuck the police
04.Nemojte misliti da se slazem (Proces cover)
06.Zajedno sa vama
08.Woman (ANWL cover)
11.Vise ne trebam te (Partisans cover)

TALENTI - ULJANIK , PULA , 14.11.1996.

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