11 October 2007

CARCASS (UK) - Necroticism - Descanting the insalubrious , lp 1991

I get too emotive when it comes to Carcass..I don`t really know what to say about this album, it was too big since the very first listening, or the pre-listening through the video for Incarnated Solvent Abuse (which I watched probably a million times) and all the impatient waiting for the greatest Death Metal band ever to play in Pula, and..oh, man, come on, I`ll spare you of unnecessary talk..This post is to celebrate the next summer`s return of the band, performing at Wacken 2008. To-kill-for. A MUST.

02.Corporeal jigsore quandary
03.Symposium of sickness
04.Pedigree butchery
05.Incarnated solvent abuse
06.Carneous cacoffiny
07.Lavaging expectorate of lysergide composition
08.Forensic clinicism

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