19 August 2007

SRPSKI TRUBACI (Ser) - 20 Legendarnih Kola - compilation cd 2001

Now,that`s what I call "And now for something completely different"!! You will be wondering too,but I decided to put this compilation on,because it is the best I`ve found representing the great ART and I mean ART of playing the trumpet.The music made by those gypsies (in this case,exclusively only from Serbia) is incredible;sad,euphoric,rhythmic,loud,crazy,perfectly played..I cannot describe it.The story says that it is music to get to war with-which I totally deny and refuse,because music is created to enjoy,not to incite to war-but I put it here ONLY because of it`s beauty.The tracks I recommend are tracks 5,11,14,20 plus all that have something to do with Goran Bregovic (tracks 3,7,10,16),the guy (ex-leader of Bijelo Dugme!!) that popularized this style all around the world with doing the soundtrack for Emir Kusturica`s worldwide known movie Underground.
So if you think I exaggerated with this one,just skip it.If not,get crazy with this one!

01.Boban Markovic Orkestar - Izgubljeno janje
02.Mica Petrovic - Djurdjevdan
03.Boban Markovic Orkestar - Underground cocek
04.Fejat Sejdic - Disko folk
05.Matija Zlatanovic - S vremena na vreme
06.Fejat Sejdic - Dirlada
07.Slobodan Salijevic - Kalasnjikov
08.Boban Markovic Orkestar - Leskovacki zvizduk
09.Boban Markovic Orkestar - Hani cocek
10.Boban Markovic Orkestar - Pobednicki cocek
11.Agusevi - Perov sa sa
12.Radovan Babic - Ciganski merak
13.Fejat Sejdic - Fejatov cocek
14.Jovica Ajdarevic - Romski cocek
15.Milan Nikolic - Miris juga
16.Boban Salijevic - Caje sukarije
17.Fejat Sejdic - Vranjski cocek
18.Boban Salijevic - Dejino kolo
19.Svetozar Lazovic - Uzicko kolo
20.Mica Petrovic - Moravac kolo

SRPSKI TRUBACI - 20 LEGENDARNIH KOLA - compilation cd 2001


Anonymous said...

Fine, but the bitrate (quality) is not so good... (@128kbps)

Alexcro said...

ALL the stuff on this blog is 128 kbps,because of legality.The stuff is for prelistening or private listening only.


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