19 August 2007

FILM (Cro) - Live u Kulusicu , maxi single 1981

Film were one of the first bands in the New Wave invasion in Yugoslavia in the beginning of the 80s.This maxi single (I wrote maxi single,because the vinyl is at 45 RPM,while for the lenght it can be called as a Mini-LP) was perfect;an energic playing,great selection of songs,the lenght enough to make it exciting and not boring (around 16 minutes in all).And this came out together with the VIS Idoli maxi single I posted earlier,so those two releases are really two exciting vinyls from that period.Jura Stublic (vocal,and the only member that pushed the band forward) today is a brainless clown,but this vinyl is his peak (so bad the peak is on the beginning of the carreer) and pure gold of Croatian/ex-YU Rock discography.I adore this one.

01.Introduction par Dr.Vrdoljak
03.Moderna djevojka
04.Zamisli zivot u ritmu muzike za ples
05.Kad si mlad

FILM - LIVE U KULUSICU , maxi-single 1981

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