08 December 2008

QUICKSAND (Cro) - Tales from the Balcans , cd 2002

Sinisa Vuco f++king rules!!I mean, you would kill to have a guy like this in your country..Sinisa Vuco is the spiritus-movens of Quick Sand, the english version of his band Zivo Blato (go back on this blog for their first album) , and surely a very provocative person and artist.Guitarist and vocalist (and probably author of everything you hear on this album), he is actually the guy who played in one of the first Croatia`s Thrash Metal bands Evil Blood in the 80s,and then continues his carreer as an extremely successful turbo-folk singer (????) but always returning to his Metal roots.This record is a Metal version of what he do usually.Just listen to "Love and drinking" (his biggest hit originally called "Volim Piti i Ljubiti"), absofuckinglutely hilarious.Of course, don`t get it too serious..
PS:Here are few videos to describe him better:
from a late-night tv show NIGHTMARE STAGE (in croatian, sorry) when a viewer provoked him on the telephone..this is anthologic!!!

as a folk singer:

and live on stage with Zivo Blato:

01.Help me America
02.Endless number
04.Tale from the Balcans
05.Love and drinking
06.Merry Christmass
07.Exploding sky



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