05 December 2008

PRIMUS (U.S.A.) - Live on KZSU 1989

Primus were one of the most exciting Funk-Metal (if it is possible to call this way the music they play) of the 90s, being a band with immense musicianship and incredible skills, and this of course goes especially for the probably one of the best bassists on the world, Les Claypool.This one is their performance on a campus radio station in Stanford University, Stanford CA.Needless to say, sublime performance of the early Primus here, just in the year of their first album "Suck on this".And although this is a low 64kbps rip, it is a very good sounding recording.So enjoy.
PS: Videos from exactly THAT performance!

01.To defy the laws of tradition
02.John the fisherman (with yyz intro)
03.Groundhog day
04.Too many puppies
05.Tommy the cat
06.Frizzle fry
07.The heckler
08.Sgt. Baker
09.Harold of the rocks


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey groundhog day doesnt work. it says it is an invalid music file.

rochester, ny


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