31 December 2008

GRUUTHAAGY (Cro) - Terror agenda , demo 200x

Ok, we are running to the end of this year, and I want to leave you in great mood for the next year, so I will be posting today more stuff for you to enjoy until our next meeting, which may be already tomorrow, but that is already next year, so..
Gruuthagy displayed the list of releases he did throughout the years, and believe me, you will rarely find a band/project so active as this one..This is one of the numerous recording he did (I am talking about HE, because it is well known that Gruuthagy is KKTZ and vice versa) and it is a usual weird mixture of music, very aggressive and direct.More to follow, of course..

01.Astral suicide
02.Viva la morte
03.Praise thee lucifire
04.A bullet from beyond
05.Scavenger U.S.A.
06.Take your time and die


1 comment:

kktz said...

hvala! gitare su semplovi koje nadjoh, nisam ja odsvirao, sve je radjeno na kompu, pozdrav.


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