28 December 2008

THE BLEEDING (Cro) - Promo tape 1996

Alright, here is a band that I never liked, for many reasons, but mostly because Doom Metal and Stoner Rock (Black Sabbath included!!) were never my favourite, and I can count on half of one hand the Doom bands I like..but, it is a request by some of you, so here it is, by kind courtesy of Kktz from Corpus Delicti blog, the last promo tape this band did before they disbanded.There was already their EP here, and a live track on one compilation, so we miss just their promo 1993.Meanwhile, throw yourself into desperation and depression with this one, if you enjoy that..

01.Fantaman`s return
02.Abstract superworld
03.Space lizard
04.The cultivator


1 comment:

kktz said...

pozdrav i hvala, ispravio sam. nadam se da nije bed sto sam stavio i CD, nisam znao da ga ti jos dilas, napisao sam da ti se obrati ko ga zeli imati.


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