05 November 2008


On this place, yesterday I put the Metallica Master Of Puppets demo, and overnight it was removed from the blog and from Mediafire as well.

I am not making money out of that, I am just making a musical heaven (as the name says), a place where you can listen to good music and feel fine, find some rare stuff and help bands in getting promoted and heard with no profit at all.It is just my love for music.I know that Metallica don`t need my help, they are big enough and rich enough that they even have an army of guys controlling every inch of the internet...
Anyway, I am not a fan of Metallica since Master Of Puppets, so I can easily live on without them..
And so will you, at least at Audio Heaven.



Anonymous said...

Uhhh, I donwloaded MOP DEMO, THANX YOU VERY MUCH!!

Jurko Kataklizma said...

ee care to se i meni desilo kada sam uplodao Joy Division - Closer LP.... isto sranje jebote

nhem. said...

Ко их јебе. Куднт кер лес.

Anonymous said...

this shit was something you should expect. Metallica was one of the bands that shut down free Napster alongside with Dr Dree and other assholes....


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