05 November 2008

MINOR THREAT (U.S.A.) - Live at Buff Hall 20.11.1982 , EP 1988

I am glad I am putting this ep here, I have this vinyl from 1988, and it is still one of my collection`s favourite.A semi-bootleg ep from one of the all time favourite HC band ever.Very loud and exciting recording of part of a gig from 1982, the "production" is not of the best, but clear enough to make you satisfied.This is an ep you WANT to have.

AND (I CAN`T BELIEVE MY OWN EYES!!!!) HERE IS (almost) THE COMPLETE GIG TAKEN!!!! (It is written 1983, but I believe, at least from the audio, that it is the gig featured on the EP!!) LOOK AT THE CHAOS!! WHAT A GIG!!

02.Small man big mouth
04.Out of step
05.It follows me
06.Little friend
07.I don`t wanna hear it

MINOR THREAT - LIVE AT BUFF HALL 20.11.1982. , EP 1988

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toxik boys said...

great one!

minor threat... fucking classic!!


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