02 September 2008

INDEXI (BiH) - Indexi , lp 1974

Another ex-Yu monumentally legendary band I adore,from Sarajevo,actually they made a part of my musical life,as Scorpions did..You know,when a band hooks you more than usually..I had my Indexi-time,and had the luck to see one of their shows,to meet them and to know them in person before Davorin (vocal) and Bodo (lead guitarist) died.
Indexi are actually a band that started in the 60s,much much before Bijelo Dugme,and even much before A.Skloniste or R.Corba.When Indexi started,they played kind of beat music as The Shadows or The Beatles did.Then they surprisingly turned their music to a pretty strong Progressive Rock,still with Pop Rock elements,but with very nice played parts,with the extremely talented rhythm section (and above it the bass player Fadil Redzic,older brother of Bijelo Dugme`s bassist Zoran Redzic!) and one of the best Balkan`s guitarists Slobodan Bodo Kovacevic.
This record represents the part of the carreer when they were at the peak of their success and creativity.You will not remain indifferent to tracks like Svijet U Kojem Zivim,or Da Sam Ja Netko,and above all maybe one of the most beautiful song ever written in the Yu-Rock history,Plima.
By the end of their carreer,as they got older,they played some Pop Rock tunes,still nice but not that powerful as the ones on this album.
Dedicated to both Davorin and Bodo. R.I.P.

..and the same song 20 years later live in Sarajevo.

01.Svijet u kojem zivim
02.Krivac si ti
03.Budi kao more
04.Da sam ja netko
05.Sve ove godine


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flAsh paradise said...

Hello & Thanks! passed up a copy on Lp of this years ago- My Mistake!- Great record!!- Peace


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