26 April 2008

ATOMSKO SKLONISTE (Cro) - Criminal tango , lp 1990

I am boring to myself..I have to repeat one more time,this is an album I loved and still love a lot.We were all scared back in time,when Bruno Langer (bass,and from this album on,vocal) decided the band will continue without Sergio Blazic.Actually,Bruno remained alone,and continued the band with first 3 more members (and,I remember that show,it was pretty brilliant),and then with just two guys who are still today with Bruno,Ranko on guitar,and Nikica on drums.
L to R:Ranko,me and Nikica,Varazdin,June 28th,2006
I also remember the recording of this album,recorded in the studio of Radio Pula,and it lasted (if Bruno is honest) 10 hours.The production is (my opinion) very good,but a little thin.However,I remember also the first promo gig for this album (I have a short video cut of that gig on a VHS tape,and for a second you can see me,my brother and Beli from Anti-Otpad jumping and singing like crazy in front of the stage!!!I hope I will be able to transfer it and put it here.),the show was perfect.You see,this record means a lot to me,a lot of memories..but if you like Hard Rock made by AS,or if you collect their releases,then..you know..

01.Johnny II
02.Cocaine baby
03.Ljubavna masina
04.Zar ptica
05.Tesko je biti andjeo
07.Ne racunaj na mene
08.Kineski bicikl
09.Nikad vise


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