11 March 2008

WARRIORS (Ser) - Warriors (v.2) , lp 1984

Well,here it is,an album pretty hard to find,and in it`s second version,for which I admit I didn`t knew it exists (I have the first version from 1983 with different songs on vinyl,and I have never heard about a second version-I hope I`ll get a grammophone very soon,so I can rip all the vinyls I want to put here!!).Anyway,Warriors are a very melodic Heavy Metal band born on the ashes of Gordi (bassist Slobodan Svrdlan) and as a side project of Riblja Corba`s drummer Vicko Milatovic.In the final,Vicko was missing so the band completed the line up and released a Maxi Single and an album,and tried their luck in Canada,from where is the guitarist Douglas Platt.As far as I remember,they did nothing,and splitted a year later.I am so sorry just for Slobodan Svrdlan,because he was one of the best Bassists in Yugoslavia..Enjoy this one.

01.Try again
02.You keep on shining
04.I`m begging you
05.Light it up
06.God save the children
07.Flight of the children
08.Money lover
09.Carry on


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