12 March 2008

LAUFER (Cro) - Best off , cd 1994

Definitely,at least with this first album,the best band Croatia ever had since the independence (so,count from 1990.).Laufer were from Rijeka and came out more or less with the Grunge invasion,and very soon,they became on of the best bands in Croatia.Don`t get me by the word,Laufer are not completely Grunge,but if I have to put them into a style,then I would choose Grunge,not just because they appeared along with,but because a strong guitaristic expression by their guitarist Vava.I saw them live several times,they were incredibly explosive.Last year they reunited for a few shows,but that sucked,there were no magic that once was,and the vocalist Urban claimed that they reunited just to make some money on the old name (sic).However,Laufer are authors of the most beautiful Croatian ballad ever,the song Budi Moja Voda (even if Vava himself admitted that it has a little something from Always Somewhere by Scorpions...).An excellent album.

01.Svijet za nas
02.Ljubav kao heroin
04.Lopov Jack
05.Sve je laz
07.Budi moja voda
08.Jedini sto zna
09.Izmedju neba i mora
10.Wild thing


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