22 March 2008

FANZINE ; BRAIN DAMAGE (U.S.A.) - issue no.1 , Fall 1984

Allright,now something different,not an audio or video post,I bring you here the scan of an American Speed/Thrash Metal fanzine from the end of 1984.The fanzine was entitled Brain damage,and it is totally old-school designed,typewriting and handwritten logos and pentagrams and upsidedown crosses and similiar stuff to get you back in the beginnings of the most exciting Metal genre ever.The editors were Vadim Rubin (later in Halfoff and HayWire) and a certain Ron Nieto.The writer was,among others,a certain Gene Hoglan (don`t ask me where he played later,please..) and his wife Lisa draw the logo.20 pages,3,5 MB!
I am sure you will be all interested in this one,you can find recensions of early Destruction,Death Angel, VoiVod,Omen,Slayer,Celtic Frost,Overkill,Dark Angel,jag Panzer,Mercyful Fate,Mantas (pre-Death),Enforcer and Znowhite,read an interview with Hirax and read how disappointed the metalheads were when Metallica`s Ride The Lightning was released (good for them they were timely soooo far from Load and Reload....)...
For all the old-school lovers (like me!)!Enjoy this one,I have also the issue 2,so wait for it soon.And let me know what you think of it!!


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3y3b4ll said...

Thank you very very much for giving us the chance to read this piece of Metal magazine history.

I will add your site to my links.


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