21 February 2008

VECTOM (Ger) - Speed revolution , lp 1985

This one was supposed for tomorrow,but after listening to it again,I can`t wait until then!!
This is an album I love in an extreme way,one of the rare vinyls I will NEVER trade or give for anything!Let me explain;it is nothing spectacular,at some points (actually,almost the complete record) is one foot into the ridicolous,but this is radical Speed Metal,very simple,naked to the bone,and as I said,almost ridicolous.But this is surely one of the top 10 Speed Metal records of all the time for me.The lyrics are some of the funniest and most demented I have ever read,and are OF COURSE about Satanism.I adore the drum sound here,especially the bass drums.This album is too good to be true,I warn you not to expect nothing spectacular,but if you are into true and primitive Speed Metal (notice;I never ever wrote Thrash Metal!!),Vectom are gods.
PS;they recorded another album,but on that they sounded like a softened version of early Helloween,so fuck it,Speed Revolution kicks fuckin asses!!!

01.Speed revolution
02.In nomine Satanas
03.Damned love
04.The exterminator
05.Loudness and speed
06.Black viper
07.Day of execution
08.Open the coffin
09.Satan`s colours
10.Too fast for hell


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