18 February 2008

RANCID HELL SPAWN (U.K.) - Jumpin` Jack flesh , lp 1989

I am sorry that I don`t have a quality pic of the cover,but..anyway,I am presenting you this amazing bizarre band lead by the editor of the now defunct Chainsaw fanzine,vocalist and bass player Charlie Chainsaw.This is a unique band,and I have to tell you how I bumped into this band:
Once (in 1989) I ordered some albums from a distro,and I had some little plus money,so I searched for a single or an EP to add.There were no interesting titles,except for this one "RANCID HELL SPAWN - FESTERING PUS ep".Now,you tell me,does it sounds to you like some Goregrind or at least Death Metal??Well,I added that EP.When arrived,everything was fine:a weird cover,strange titles..I put it on the turntable,and when it started first of all it wasn`t no Grind or Metal at all,nor even Hardcore..It was some Punk with keyboards,but what horrifies me was the sound!!I checked again the needle,the jacks of the speakers..everything was fine.But there was still some obnoxious noise.Then I realised:THE WHOLE RECORDING WAS UNDER A HEAVY DISTORTION!!It was sooooo great discovering that the band decided to do the complete record totally distorted!Just when I understood that the distortion is the main point of that record,I became very interested in those sickos.
Here now,19 years after,I bring you here a whole album of this band entitled Jumpin` Jack Flesh,containing 24 short sharp cuts.Still the same-distorted,I highly recommend you this album,which will hook you the moment you get used to the extreme distortion of the recording.
A great sick band,truly.
PS;on a webpage dedicated to the band,for this album is written;
The first LP. This must have the tinniest sound of any record ever released. The cutting engineer thought the tape was fucked. It was not, it was meant to be that way. And apparently everyone at Mordam stopped work and rushed over to the record player saying "What the fuck is this?" the first time it was put on the record player. MRR described it as a "Vinyl Abomination" - and then went on to recommend it....

01.Siamese sextuplets
02.Bicycle shed girls
03.Sixteen cans of Stella
04.Botulism babies
05.Waste not want more
06.Farm night
07.Fifteen seconds fame
08.Cancerous cowboys
09.Ketchup boys
10.Sledgehammer job
11.Homunculus stumps
12.Monstrous man
13.Football special to Grimsby
14.Drinking myself to death
15.Eye in my stomach
16.Scalpel party
17.Jumpin` Jack flesh
18.Going down to Croydon
19.Emphysema Eddie
20.Shane MacGowan`s brain
21.Dirty city
23.Great expectorations
24.Sex in a butcher`s shop



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