15 January 2008

TORMENTOR (Ger) - Blitzkrieg , demo 1983

I always love to see the early days of bands who become megapopular..You don`t need much to realise that we have Kreator here,in their very first audio product,a demo from 1983.The band`s line up is the same as at Kreator`s debut,and the recording is done in their rehearsal room.You can hear here some Mille`s ridicolous falsets,but all in all,a nice recording you gotta have in your collection.

01.Armies of hell
02.Cry war
03.Satan`s day
04.Messenger from burning hell



Anonymous said...

quite funny to listen to this one . they probably heard heard the first two venom albums and the demos of slayer and metallica and headed straight to their rehearsal room . they must have been around 16 or 17 years old when they recorded this. you can still feel this incredible, youthful energy on their first two albums . those were the times (sigh....)- timo

Alexcro said...

I completely agree with this..


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