17 January 2008

ELGIBBOR (Pol) - Apolutrosis , cd 2004

Unblack Metal.This is the opposite of Black Metal.Of course,only the topics.The music,the corpse-paint,the more or less black and white visual identity is heresame as in black metal..Only there`s no Satan.Actually,there is,but as the bad guy;the lyrics are about God,christianity.The
guy standing beside this one-man band is Fire,a very pleasant person involved in more Unblack-Metal projects.This is the first album which,in this version,contains one song less,Shadow Of Death.If you like BM music,and do not care for the lyrics,try this one,you won`t be disappointed.And all of you,believers who want to listen to BM but without all the offensive lyrics,this one`s for you.

01.Annouchnou Ro`im
02.Psalm 42
03.God the glory of this people
04.My God
05.Final triumph
06.Awesome God
07.Miecz nad Leviatanem
08.Niewolnik ciemnosci
09.Wolanie o pomoc


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