24 January 2008

MESSIAH (Swi) - Hymn to Abramelin , lp 1986

Another great album here,this one is Messiah`s first and the better one of the two that were recorded in the original three-piece line-up.I remembered the cover in red,not black as this one,but this is the artwork.Messiah was and awesome live band,saw them live in Ljubljana with 1988 and probably never stage-dived again as that night..The album have great tracks,and much better production than the next one.The music is a harshy Thrash Metal,and when I mean harshy I mean played in a specifical Messiah-style.If you wonder what it could be,take this one.I am sure if you are fan of old school Euro Thrash,you won`t be disappointed.This album is a classic.
PS;This version is the original vinyl one,with the wise words between songs!!

01.Wise words 01
02.Hymn to Abramelin
03.Messiah (extra version)
04.Wise words 02
06.Wise words 03
07.Space invaders
08.Wise words 04
09.Thrashing madness
10.Wise words 05
11.Future aggressor
12.Wise words 06
13.Empire of the damned
14.Wise words 07
15.Total maniac
16.Wise words 08
17.The dentist
18.Wise words 09


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