21 January 2008

FEAR OF GOD (Swi) - Fribourg , 01.10.1988.

I waited this moment for too long..ladies and gentleman,here is the most ferocious and brutal record I have ever heard!!Actually,it is the "more listeneable" side of the 12inch mini LP called "As statues fell" (I scanned two details from the beautiful cover).This blowed me and anyone who was near me (read;members of Leukkemiaa) fucking away as a nuclear explosion!!I am not exaggerating,try and you`ll find here the most exciting noise you have ever heard!!FOG are noisy,messy,but simply enormously great!Plus,this version I put here contains more songs than on the vinyl (this version is found on the net,I think as part of a kind of "Anthology" album)!!You must have this.Throw it away if you won`t like it,but I assure you if you like extreme music..this is definitely IT!This is undoubtely one of my best records of all the times!
PS;I had problems with guessing what is the third song here as there is two names of two songs there;Thy Beauty and Troublemaker-but I listened to Troublemaker on other releases,and it is not it..but I am still unsure..

01.As statues fell+Controlled by fear
02.Locked away
03.Thy beauty
04.Rubbish planet
06.The two sides of the coin
07.My hands deep in your guts
08.Look behind the veils
09.Pneumatic slaughter
10.A life in rigorism
11.Running through the blood
12.Mass murderer
13.Which way
14.Permanent struggle
15.What I see
16.World under my fingernails

FEAR OF GOD - FRIBOURG , 01.10.1988.


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