01 December 2007

EXTREME NOISE TERROR - Punker than Punk , EP

You know what kind of stuff ENT do..there is no surprise about it,if a band is good in their own stuff,they have to be good even in covers.ENT picked up 6 tracks here and covered it very well,I am especially glad that 3 out of 6 are Discharge covers,hehe..so this is a very nice release that steps a little aside from the usual ENT releases,and anyway,if you like covers,this one is a must have.
PS;There is no place on earth (read;internet),where I could find the year of release,so if you know anything about,please let me know.Thanx.

01.Borstal breakout (Sham 69)
02.Johnny won`t get to heaven (The Killjoys)
03.You`re taking part in creating this system (Discharge)
04.I`m a bloody fool (Cockney Rejects)
05.No TV sketch (Discharge)
06.Religion instigates (Discharge)


1 comment:

justin said...

Great post. I appreciate the chance to listen to this. these are some of the best Discharge covers, right up there with some of the stuff on several of the Discharge tributes you can find out there. Thanx, my site is down right now so I'm enjoying some of the other stuff that's out there.


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