26 November 2007

HOUSE FORCE 3 - compilation , cd 1994

Now,you will say I went completely out of my mind..well,this CD was something I discovered 13 years ago,and the whole thing dates some 15 yrs ago..I found out this extreme,violent and insane side of Techno/House/whatever music,and must admit that I liked it sooo much..it is sometimes extremer than any Metal or HC,it is claustrophobic because it is closed mostly to one repetitive rhythmic phrase played with distorted synthetic bass drum,as well as distorted synthetic sounds all around (of course,except for the voice here and there,everything is synthetic)..just look at the cover,that`s what can bring you a longer consumation of this kind of music,and the drugs and chemicals that go with it..I dedicate this one to the extremists visiting this blog,if you don`t spare MB`s,try it..you could be surprised.
PS;an anecdote from 1994;when I was DJ in the Pula`s Rock Club Uljanik,I was pretty free in DJ-ing (meaning that I wasn`t strictly a Rock DJ),so here and there a track from this compilation found its place in my repertoire..but one night was pure hell..The guys from the Californian HC band IGNITE (2 of them) finished their Euro tour,and they liked Pula so much that after the end of the tour in Czech,they came back to Pula for few days.They discovered this kind of Techno when they visited Pula,and liked it very much.One day we were drinking together before my DJ evening,I came to the club so drunk that in the middle of the evening there was a block of HC/Gabber Techno of an hour and half,you can imagine what hell was that,but we all really enjoyed it..

01.Evil Maniax-Creators of Hardcore
02.Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo-The ultimate sextrack
03.Somebody from Rotterdam-Somebody from Rotterdam
04.Music Vandals-Hoppa
05.Too Fast For Mellow-Work dat muthafucka
06.Rob Gee-Riot in NY
07.F DJ-Tramalanta di conta
08.Boom Terrorism-Gabberhouse
10.F DJ-Pizza
12.Waxweazle-No more music for the suckers
13.Scarface-Death is the future
14.Altered State-Atomic pleasure


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