02 November 2007

GILLAN (UK) - Live in Zagreb 09th June 1981

This post can be described as the turning point of this blog.It has been two years since I ripped a tape to mp3 format the last time.With this one I started again,and there is a lot of stuff waiting to be ripped,thanx to many contributors,and to tapes from my collection that have been put on hold.Now I found an old Marantz cassette recorder in the basement,a line-component that Tusta from KUD Idijoti gave me some 10 years or more ago.I tought all the time that this thing is not working,as he told me to make a small reparation on it..but to my surprise,it works.So all the tapes put on hold will be transferred slowly to mp3,to be posted here.Of course,there won`t be only this kind of recordings,but I assure you that there will be a lot of rare recordings..

Now back to this post.If you ask me who is for my opinion the best Heavy Metal vocal ever,I will give you this answer without a second of thinking;IAN GILLAN.There are a lot of proofs that he is the best,but I`ll just give you one;Deep Purple`s Made In Japan album.The way he performed Child In Time on that album is simply untoppable.Period.
The recording you have the exclusive opportunity to have on this blog is a recording of a Gillan show in Zagreb from the tour 1981,shown on the Croatian (then Yugoslavian) national television on the New Years night 1982,I remember it like it was yesterday.This is found on a tape with a 26 year old recording ,recorded with a mono cassette recorder leaned on the speaker of the TV.I ripped this recording into mp3 format just before the tape decomposed (figuratively).The recording is still more or less very fair,with some mistakes caused by time.There are short bits that were cancelled and few more bad things that happened to this tape,as;the second part of Bite the bullet and New Orleans were on the b-side of the cassette,which probably passed near a magnet,so the sound is contantly changing from low to high all over again.I tried to fix it,amplified the silent parts,and the result is not that bad.All in all,this is a pure collectors item,and surely a gift for all the fans of this great band.I loved and followed Gillan band,so this is for me like pure gold.I hope it will be for you too.Recommended.

TRIVIA;for those who don`t know;
01-the bass player John McCoy produced one of the Yugoslavia`s top selling Rock album,Mrtva Priroda by Riblja Corba.
02-On this recording,the guitar was played by Bernie Torme.14 days after this concert,Bernie left the band and was replaced with Janick Gers (actual Iron Maiden`s guitarist).

01.Colin Towns piano intro
02.No easy way+Mike Underwood drum solo
04.No laughing in heaven
05.Unchain your brain
06.If you believe me
07.Bite the bullet (broken)
08.New Orleans


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