02 November 2007

ARISSE (Cro) - Live in Rijeka,Croatia 1992

Arisse came from Rijeka and were a band that didn`t lasted very long,they released two demos,one in English and one in Croatian.They play pretty primitive Thrash Metal,and this one is a great soundboard live recording I found on a cassette,along with the Kain live performance.And until now everything is fine.I have found out that the band had some very bad fascination for Nazism (prove me wrong,please!),as in the first song from this recording have the vocalist shouting Sieg Heil,and the two letters S in the name probably means the same.If it was for me,I would not put a shit like that on this blog.But there are two reasons I did.The first (less important) is;if satanic bands can be here,so bands like this can-for me it is same shit other cover.But the second,more important is;it was your request,and you know what are your requests for me...

01-Track 1
02-Track 2
03-Track 3
04-Track 4 (incomplete)


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