25 October 2007

TRUST (Fra) - Savage , lp 1982

Oooww..I adored this album back in the 80`s (and I still do,of course!) and this is the english version of their March Au Creve album,sang in French.I am hunting for years for this album (I mean on the net,I have the vinyl version since 1983.).A great Heavy Metal album this one,featuring one of the first Nicko McBrain performances (as far as I know).And Trust are a band that has been covered by Anthrax (Antisocial,one of Trust`s first hit).I say;A MUST.

01.The big illusion
02.The savage
04.The junta
07.Work or die
08.The crusades
09.Your final gig

TRUST - SAVAGE , lp 1982


Anonymous said...

always wanted to hear this one . thanks a lot ! timo

Alexcro said...

You`re welcome,tino!

francisco said...

well i,ve been looking for this band a long time. more than 20 years i bought in vinil. i could not find any where. THANK U.Now is missing "L elite". you made may day. from Portugal Thanks again

Alexcro said...

This is the reason why I am doing this...

Anonymous said...

My favorite band!! I too hunted for this album since losing the cassette tape in the 90's. Great to see other fans out there....who needs what song?

Paco said...

if youy like Trust, you will like the website TRUST CONNECTION made by the fans for the fans !
here : http://trust.connection.free.fr/


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