24 October 2007

ATOMSKO SKLONISTE (Cro) - Atomska trilogija - live , lp 1980

I am sorry I don`t have a bigger picture of this album..I could have scanned the cover, but I have only a A4 scanner so it would be just a part of it.. maybe some day soon.. A private rememberance; I remember when Sasa Dadic (drummer of AS, at the time my next door neighbour) brought to my father this album, he had the test pressing of it, and he came to my home to listen to it with us.. these are things you never forget. And that makes this album even bigger for me. So after those things, tell me how a kid won`t love Hard/Heavy music... Anyway, I think it is, in a way the highest (musically, of course) moment of AS. This is one of the best ex-Yu live albums ever, and one of the best ex-Yu Hard Rock albums ever. Recorded in Pula, and it can be easily the "Best of" album of the three first albums. Essential, believe me.

01.U vremenu horoskopa
02.Gazi opet cizma
03.Cedna gradska lica
04.Generacija sretnika
05.Ne cvikaj generacijo
06.Tko ce tad na zgaristu reci
07.Kinematograf naseg djetinjstva
08.Pomorac sam majko
09.Bez kaputa
10.Na kraju stoljeca

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link is broken man.
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