27 February 2010

S.L.O.D. (Slo) - Demo 1986

This is another band sent to me by Rohleim, it is a Slovenian band and one of the first bands in the Balkans (with Evil Blood, Devastation and Heller) to play Thrash Metal.Actually, this band is more into Death Metal (and it means way before it exploded!!) than into Thrash.This is more or less a fair recording, and an extremely important document of the Balkan Thrash scene of that period.

02.Horror tale
03.Malicious death
04.Planet on the point of death
05.Sick transit gloria mundi
06.No more lies
07.Die like a beast
08.Ne lazi mi zvezda

S.L.O.D. - DEMO 1986

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dick fever said...

This demo rules! thank you so much! One of my favorite albums of all time is Shizophrenia by Sepultura and I've been trying to find more thrash out there from that era. yr blog rules!


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