23 January 2010

FEAR OF GOD (Swi) - Rehearsal 1987

I recently found a dozen of FOG live recordings, they probably recorded every single live performance they had in their brief carreer, which is actually great, because if you are a fan of the band, the hunt for stuff from them will never end.This is a recording (soundboard, of course) from 1987, no date and no place.But very cool!!

PS: After I wrote this, I got in the comments a message from Herve (as far as I know, a member of the band??) which says that this is not a soundboard recording but a two tracker.And after all, this is not a live recording, but a rehearsal tape. Excuse for the wrong details, the original blog where I found it obviously have all wrong too. Sorry Herve.

02.Proud on your pride
03.First class people
04.A life in rigorism
05.I`ve seen
06.The two sides of the coin
07.The two sides of the coin (extended)


1 comment:

herve said...

Just to make it right :

This is not a live recording, but a rehearsal tape.

This is not SB recorded, but with a 2 tracks machines.

The only SB live show from F.O.G. is the one from Fribourg 01-10-1988, and the video of this show is also available here :


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