17 October 2009

NADIMAC (Ser) - Drzavni neprijatelj broj kec, cd 2009

This album is something that is expected for a very long time, after this band practicly exploded around with their Ep "Metal je rat", everyone anxiously expected a full release.And here it is.Released by the chinese "Area Death Productions" label, this album is inevitable to become one of your personal favourites, if you are into "new wave of old skool Speed Thrash Metal" bands (for example; Municipal Waste). Nadimac made a solid-no, not solid: a concrete-crushing album, starting from the production through the ripping vocal and the perfect playing skill of the guys (the complete album reminds me somehow of Kreator`s "Terrible certainty", with a pinch of aggressivity added).The rip you got here is a usual 128kbps, for you just to pre-listen (as usual) and my sincere recommendation is to buy yourself an original copy, and you can do it through the band`s myspace page (www.myspace.com/nadimacbend) or through Area Death Production label site.The original comes with a full color booklet with lyrics written in three languages.Buy or FOAD!

01.Metal je rat
02.Headshot u glavu
03.Zlo i naopako
04.Sad si sam
05.Dlake na sapunu
06.Usro si motku
07.Trece oko
08.Hrani babu da te ujede
09.Zmajeva jajca
10.Bog cuva bekriju


1 comment:

Will Towles said...

Thanks for putting this up and also the groups contact information, I dig these dudes a ton and I'll get the album, for real!!! thanks!


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