04 July 2009

DEATHSPEAX - Slovenian fanzine 1986

Well, to end this old-school block, and after the first issue some time back, here`s the second issue of a fanzine from Slovenia, exactly a one made by one of the most active figure in the Slovenian MetalHC scene of that time, mr. Bostjan Jurecic.This is a nicely done zine, a little bit bad copied, but another important document of that time. LSN, PHANTASM, THANATOS, LEGACY, DARK ANGEL, POSSESSED, G-ANX, OUTRAGE, CARNAGE, CYCLONE, MUTILATION, ANGEL DEATH, DARKNESS, DESEXULT, VOOR, CELTIC FROST, AMEBIX..this is what you will find inside this one, so grab it now!


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