25 July 2009

CELTIC FROST (Swi) - Demo 1992

Well, here is some stuff from a band I loved to death, but remained disappointed with anything after Into The Pandemonium, their true masterpiece.CF went into a horribly ridiculous part of their carreer entitled "Cold Lake", released a live Home Video, but waaaay too late...The Vanity/Nemesis album showed a somehow slightly regenerated CF, but that wasn`t enough for me.Their comeback album Monotheist was probably the biggest disappointment for me, I expected a return to the roots, but instead it was a slow, depressive and overall bad album.This demo is taken around the Vanity/Nemesis period, actually after the album, but shows the intention of the band to continue that way, which it could have been satisfying... The recording is not of the best, but surely an immensely important material for the CF fans.
PS:The video here is from Vanity/Nemesis, so pretty close to what CF sounds on this demo.

01.Honor thy father
02.Seeds of rapture
03.Icons alive
04.Oh, father


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