29 March 2009

S.O.D. (U.S.A.) - CBGB , New York , 05.10.1985.

Wow!! Here`s a great live show from their very first period, from the well known CBGB club.The sound is very good and everything is very understandable, you got the whole SEOD album, plus some tracks from the demos that haven`t found their way to the album.Gotta have it, man!

02.Diamonds and rust
03.What`s that noise
04.March of the S.O.D. + Sargeant D and the S.O.D.
05.Fist banging mania
06.Milano mosh
07.Diamonds and rust
09.Pi alpha nu
10.Ram it up
11.United forces
12.No turning back
13.Kill yourself
15.Speak english or die
16.Anti-procrastination song
17.Fuck the middle east
18.Douche crew
19.Vitality (Milk part 2)
20.Band introduction
21.Pre-menstrual princess Blues
22.Diamonds and rust
23.Chromatic death
24.The ballad of Jimi Hendrix
25.The ballad of Jimi Hendrix
26.The ballad of Jimi Hendrix
27.Freddy Krueger

S.O.D. - CBGB , NEW YORK , 05.10.1985.

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