28 February 2009

b=eat[Z] (Cro) - My 1st brain , cd 2008

Ok, now something completely different! This one comes from a guy hidden behind the monicker b=eat[Z], you may know him as Zoran-the guitarist of the extremest band in Croatia (and definitely among my favourite bands) 40 Gradi. This one is his alter-ego and something he`s also very talented for. This is an album of great electronic music perfectly produced and composed by Zoran himself.If you want to chill a little from the usual guitar sounds, make sure this is the sound you will replace `em with!

02.Body acid
03.My 1st brain
05.Drugs n brains
06.33nano teh
07.5th nanotube
10.Cell storming part1
11.Cell storming part2
12.Black lagoon (bonus)

b=eat [Z] - MY FIRST BRAIN , CD 2008

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