26 December 2008

CARCASS (U.K.) - U.L.U. , London U.K. , 23.02.1989.

Here is a show from my favourite Carcass period, a soundboard recording, not that perfect but still very listeneable (well, the best sounding of all shows I posted until now!).Beautiful classics from the first two albums, really a treat for all early-Carcass lovers!!

01.Crepitating bowel erosion
02.Excreted alive
03.Pungent excruciation
04.Reek of putrefaction
05.Fermenting innards
06.Slash dementia
07.Genital grinder+Regurgitation of giblets
08.Embryonic necropsy and devourment

CARCASS - U.L.U. , LONDON U.K. , 23.02.1989.

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