04 October 2008

IVO PETROVIC (Cro) - Ivo Petrovic , cd 2008

I am proud I can present this cd.I discovered that Ivo,a dear friend of mine,released this cd,and of course asked him to be so kind to let me present it here.And for that I thank him very much.
You rule,man.
Lately Pula became a city of very interesting musicians,and some of them have the guts to record and produce their own solo albums.I already presented ELUJ (the solo album of Jule from Bolesno Grinje),I am preparing the presentation of the solo album of another member of Bolesno Grinje,but this time I present the solo album of this extremely talented guy,the former guitarist of the now already defunct Grindcore band Mercenary Cockroach.Ivo Petrovic is a true Metal guitarist (I don`t mean troo,trve or stupid shit like that) and by that I mean a guitarist that reached the essence of Metal and showed it through his work with fantasy,virtuosity and everything a guitarist must have to be a Metal guitarist.This cd contains 4 instrumentals with all instruments played and programmed (drums) by Ivo himself,and helped by few guests on the first song,plus a singed track,with Sandi Orbanic as guest on vocals.Except for the last song which is a pure Speed Metal outburst,the rest of the material is strongly influenced by Dream Theater and similiar bands.This material should be played live,but for the moment it will remain on the cd,and we can only hope that some day soon Ivo will find people who will be able to perform his music and with whom he will present this stuff to us live.Meanwhile,you know what to do..
PS: To contact Ivo directly,try at his myspace page.

01.Song for Nina
02.Pieces of time
03.The discovery
04.Night skies


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