10 September 2008

MERCY (Swe) - Witchburner , lp 1984

Mmmm...Mercy..GREAT band from Sweden,you might like them for the fact that one of the members was the mighty Messiah Marcolin,later singer in Candlemass.Another member (actually,the founder of this band) was the a guy with Croatian roots,Andrija Veljaca,who unfortunately passed away in 2005,R.I.P.
When I heard this record for the first time,I was damn sure that this was the SLOWEST Metal I have ever heard.It is not completely slow,this record have few great and powerful Heavy Metal tracks.I got this vinyl and the video tape of one show of the band from some guys who have nothing to do with Metal,but were friends with the mentioned A.Veljaca,so indirectly,I got this stuff from him.The album is really great,especially if you like bands as Mercyful Fate..

01.Welcome to my graveyard
02.Judgement day
03.Voodoo kills
05.I`m your pervert priest
06.Pains of Golgata
08.Bangers of destruction (bonus)


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