12 August 2008

ELUJ (Cro) - Eluj3 , cd 2008

I am very proud I can present to you now this cd,completely made by my dear friend Jule from Bolesno Grinje.He is the one man band ELUJ,you had the opportunity to find his first album "Eva.." earlier in this blog,but now I am presenting you some extremely fresh stuff,recorded very recently in Jule`s own studio.This is his third album,all instruments and everything performed by one of the most (if not the most) productive and talented guy in Pula.Raw and in-your-face Hardcore,with a pinch-just a pinch-of Metal riffings,at his best.
My sincere recommandation.
NOW:Fuck the description I wrote up here,with a repetitive listening to this album,I noticed that it is Metalized and heaviest than it first looked.Listening to the first song,I am sure you might think it is a SLAYER TUNE!!!
Try it!!

01.Ja nikad necu stati
04.Droga je pojela pank
05.Bjezite glavom bez obzira
07.Prevari bliznjega svoga
08.Kamata je fiksna
09.Aluminijska sipka
10.Kako je lijepo

ELUJ - ELUJ3 , CD 2008

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