29 June 2008

DRINKING SKULL (Cro) - Evil or divine , cd 1997

Ehm..as you already read here,you know that the guys from DS were/are my good friends (at least the motor of it, H/K and Maras),and DS were one of the leading Thrash Metal bands in Croatia..
This is an album that splits their fans..A lot of Gothic influences in here made DS turn almost away from the style they played before.But it just seems like that..
The album have a lot (and I will add-too much) Gothic influences,pianos and stuff..But I will call it creativity..Just listen to tracks as War Skeletons and Endless Madness ( both with even Grind parts!!) or Rejected Man,and that is where the true DS lies..
Two interesting things about this album:
-the female backing vocals are sung by Vesna Pezo (not checked,but it is obvious that we are talking about the todays turbofolk singer)
-the last track (Rejected Man) contains a bit of silence after the track,and then the hidden Rap Metal track Rough Times,featuring the (bad English talking) rapper(s) M2S.

01.Keeper of the lost souls
02.The seventh seal
03.Another smile at my face
04.Doors of time
06.War skeletons
07.March of gods
08.The sentinel
09.Endless madness
10.The battle rages on
11.Rejected man (+ hidden track Rough Times )


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