15 April 2008

MASSACRATION (Bra) - Gates of Metal fried chicken of death , cd 2005

Oh,yeah,this sounds very nice,a Power Metal album of full TRUE classic Metal parody!!!These guys are fuckin mad,but are really enjoyable for listening,playing really great and with a vocalist that in its parody have a pretty mighty voice.Metal needs something like this band from time to time..
PS:there are some wrong written words in the rar file,so change them.)

02.Metal is the law
03.Evil papagali
04.Metal massacre attack (Arue Aruo)
05.Feel the fire of barbecue
06.Metal milkshake
07.The God master
08.Cereal Metal
09.Metal dental destruction
10.Let`s ride to Metal land (The passage is R$1.00)
11.Metal glu glu (com Sergio Mallandro)
12.Away doom
13.Metal bucetation (+ hidden track)



fabio said...

Hi Alexcro, first of all ETERNAL THANKS because your blog is one of the best blogs about heavy metal, it really make me happy and fascinating to listen to GORDI, POMARANCA or ROK MASINA, I am a heavy metal hunter and croatian/serbian/yugoslavian heavy metal is very POWERFUL and MAGIC!!! Of course I don't understand any word in your language hahahah I am brazilian and I laugh when I saw here MASSACRATION, they are the comedy guys from brazilian MTV, they do parodhy of anything that moves or not hahahah Are you into brazilian heavy metal too? Man, you must know HARPPIA, STRESS or TAURUS!!!!!!!!!!! Here we had a lot of magic heavy metal like thatt and these 3 groups are just some of them!!! DON'T BREAK THE OATH!!!!

Anonymous said...

cisto za informaciju, link ne radi! p.s. blog je odlican!

Alexcro said...

Hvala na informaciji.Tesko je odrzavati sada skoro 1000 linkova, ali ako mi javljate, ja cu linkove obnoviti. Uskoro idem na flat-rate (konacno!!) pa ce sve biti stabilnije.Hvala!


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