28 April 2008

CANDLEMASS (Swe) - Nightfall , lp 1987

This is one of the most emotive albums I have ever heard.I probably skipped a lot of My Dying Bride and similiar stuff,because I found it too depressive.But Candlemass,and especially with this album,they got me the moment I heard this guitar sound,this beautiful voice of Messiah Marcolin (which voice I knew from the pre-Candlemass band Mercy) and the depth and power of their songs at the same time.I never did recommend specific songs from albums,because I think an album is a whole story,and songs are only pieces.But this time,I invite you to listen to 01.the power and the heaviness and the melody of Bewitched + 02.The sadness and the lyrics of Samarithan + 03.The heaviness of At the gallows end.Of course,every song has great songwriting and really beautiful lyrics..oh,come on,do you need anything more??
PS:Please watch the video of Bewitched,it is soooooooooooooooo Metal!!

..and there`s more:I decided to put here the lyrics of SAMARITHAN.Too beautiful.

Lyrics by Leif Edling

One day I saw a man
Dressed in rags, with a staff in his hand
Begging for a penny to survive

How poor a man can be
I gave him hospitality
A room, a bed and lots of food to eat

Still I hear his last few words
"I can never return what you've done
But heaven will remember and repay"

Fifty years had gone since I saw him
I was dying and I'd soon be dead
Three angels stood in front of my bed

The first one she said to me, don't be afraid
I'll give you immortality and grace for your soul
The second had eyes of gold, gave me my wings
The third gave all wisdom an angel could give
.. to me

I joined with my destiny
I knew I was born again, an angel to be
A vision beyond my dreams, called me by name
So in devotion I spread my wings, to heaven I had came
.. to stay

01.Gothic stone+Well of souls
02.Codex gigas
03.At the gallows end
05.Marche funebre
06.Dark are the veils of death
07.Mourner`s lament
09.Black candles


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