25 February 2008

SCRAPS (Fra) - Aaargh , ep 1987

Here`s an EP I liked some 20 years ago (when I say I liked,it does not mean that I don`t like it still,it is just that I really listened to it very much back at that time.),a noisy and Thrashy French Hardcore Punk band who played from early 80 to the early 90s,and then disappeared.They did some vinyls,and among them is this EP,pretty extreme and noisy,which I recommend to all lovers of fast Thrashy HC.

01.Dubeauf s`en va t`en guerre
02.Au service de la loi
03.Macho klan
04.Major shits
05.I hate memories
06.Es lebe der tod



7inchcrust said...

thanks for this, i have posted "Apartheid" 7" in my blog.
Puke n Vomit Records released "the Raw Years 1985-1989" cd including Apartheid 7",Aaargh 7"!,split flexi w/DON DON and their Demo.

i d like to post in my other blog the Hellbastard and Amebix bootlegs, is there any problem with that?
thanks anyway :)

Alexcro said...

No problems at all,my friend.I am gonna take some demos from you too,maybe.We have to collaborate.Thank you.


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