09 January 2008

MENTALNI NERED (Cro) - rehearsal demo 12.1985

Unfortunately, I don`t have no pic or anything of this great noisecore band from Pula. Inspired with Larm, Disorder and for my opinion a lot with finnish HarshCore (uh, what a word..), this band was one of the first of the kind from the Istrian area, made by guys who were (and in a way are still) legends in the Punk HC scene (it is a sleazy and unappropriate statement, but whatever, you know what I want to say). There are some more recordings left by them, I myself have another recording, very short, two tracks, but ultraintense. Wait for that, until, this is part of their rehearsal, very good sounding. For the veterans!

01.Intro+Uzalud (bit)
02.Uzalud (take 1)
03.Uzalud (take 2)
04.Smrt i unistenje

1 comment:

kktz said...

ovo je odlicno, raw punk kakav treba biti, tjst kakav je i bio ;)


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