11 December 2007

GRUUTHAAGY (Cro) - Hell rising distort cult , ep

Finally,something from the Croatian one-man-band legend Gruuthaagy,made by one of the most active person in the Cro-underground,Kukatz.Gruuthaagy is part of numerous split-ep`s,compilations,but also made a big lot of self releases.I hope that Kukatz don`t mind if I put this ep here,even if I don`t know what year it was made.
I like this ep,because it is very intense,it is a mixture I would call cybernoise,but I really don`t know the exact kind of music it represents,so I invite you to discover Gruuthagy,you might be surprised.Recommended.
PS;for those who are interested in more,visit

01.Deaf leading blind
02.Silence of the lambs
03.Lesson still unlearn
04.God profit bloodshed


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

e, super da si ovo stavio, hvala! to je malo starije, nisam siguran ni sam kad sam snimio, mislim prije 4 - 5 godina. kog zanima noviji sound nek provjeri www.myspace.com/gruuthaagy, ima i free download izdanja, etc.. vidim da si odma ulinko i moj novi mp3 blog, zakon. super je audio haven, mnogo odlicnih stvari, rispekt iz pozege. kktz


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