04 November 2007

CARCASS (UK) - Death `n` Roll , Firenze , Italy , 27.01.1994.

For you this one can be only another one Carcass bootleg,but for me,believe me,is much more..It is a document of a show I attended in 1994..My band Hatross+Rio from (at the time) Aeon went all the way to Firenze to see this gig,I could never imagine that it will be released as a CD bootleg..It means a lot to me,because it reminds me how great and simple were/are the guys from Carcass..We had an unforgettable evening with them,but,most important,it is recorded on this CD!!If you listen the end of track 9/the announcement for Corporeal Jigsore Quandary,you can hear Jeff saying "the next song is dedicated to Alex and Hatross from Croatia,who will travel tonight"..shall I say anything more???...
I know that the cover is very bad,even the tracks are mispelled,of course it is not my fault,but of the person who did it,but here are few pics we did that night...
Enjoy this one!!
and the video of Corporeal Jigsore Quandary,with the dedication:

01.Buried dreams
02.Incarnated solvent abuse
03.Carnal forge
04.Pedigree butchery
05.No love lost
07.Carneous cacoffiny
08.Lavaging expectorate of lysergide composition
10.Corporeal jigsore quandary
11.Death certificate
12.Rot `n` Roll
13.This mortal coil


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