20 May 2007

PARTIBREJKERS (Ser) - Partibrejkers , lp 1985

Wow,this is a bitch of an album.The only album I loved from Partibrejkers,for few reasons ; 1)KOJA from Disciplina Kicme produced this album,and that cannot be bad at all , 2)Partibrejkers recorded this album WITHOUT BASS GUITAR (like old Cramps!!),and that cannot be bad at all , 03)It is the only album I liked from Partibrejkers,so it cannot be bad at all.
The atmosphere here is very raw,the bands recordings later became too clean and..I don`t know..without a feeling..it is my opinion,of course.Anyway,this album is great,and you should try it.

01.Ako si..
04.Hej,ti dole u mraku
05.1000 godina
07.Ona zivi na brdu
08.Ti moras biti moja (sad)
09.On je dosao uz vetar
10.Novi dan
11.Ulicni hodac


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