12 May 2007

DEVASTATION (Cro) - The upcoming mayhem , demo 1987

Ok,I think that is good to start with my own band DEVASTATION.This is our first demo recorded in August 1987.The version I am putting here is without the live track,and with a different track positions.

So here is all the data about the demo;

demo "The Upcoming Mayhem"
August 1987,recorded at villa Rizzi,Pula
recorded,engineered and produced by Sasa Milovanovic (Sale Veruda,KUD Idijoti)
01-Intro (The upcoming mayhem)
03-Mosh hard (instrumental)
04-Atomic war
05-Under the scalpel blade
06-Slaughterers from hell
07-United forces (by S.O.D.)

Ok,that will be it.I will also post all the demos and/or live recordings of my bands,as well as recordings by other bands.Hope it is a good beginning.

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